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There are various forms that need to be completed at specific times in your graduate career. Some are prepared by your Student Affairs Officer and others are interdepartmental and are completed by you and then submitted to your program. You can find departmental forms and program handbooks on our Forms page.

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Important Deadlines

Graduate Students have several important deadline dates that they must follow during their studies at UC Riverside, most importantly registration and fee payment dates.

The Graduate Division Home Page - Listing of all important dates under the Important Dates for Graduate Students.
Be sure to consult your Student Affairs Officer for clarification on deadlines and regulations.


Registration Resources

RWeb: Online Student Information
Research Units Section Numbers


Students no longer need a registration PIN to register for classes.

Call numbers for individual faculty sections of 250, 291, 297, and 299 are now available in the On-Line Schedule of Classes! Just look up the class and look for your Major Professor/Rotation Advisor. For example, if you look up CMDB 297, you get a listing of all professors who have CMDB 297 sections.

If you cannot find your professor on the list in the online Schedule of Classes or our Research Sections page, please come into the office and see your Student Services Advisor for help.

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